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Governance Documents

Register of Interests

Members, directors and governors must maintain the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality when making any decision about the governance of the Trust. Registers of interest list personal relationships, business or financial activities and involvement in other school or charity governance that could affect or be seen to affect their ability to make decisions that are impartial and in the best interest of the Trust.


Name Appointed by Term of Office Pecuniary, Personal and Governance Interests
Alan Miller Members From 10/12/15 Nil
Andy Weston


From 01/09/18 Nil
Jo Boyland Members From 08/06/23 Nil
Paul Murley Diocesan Board of Education From 01/03/24 Nil
Members who have stood down in the last 12 months
Revd. Ruth Chapman Diocesan Board of Education From 15/01/22 to 31/12/23 Governor at Westfield Academy


Name Appointed by

Term of Office

Pecuniary, personal and governance interests

Attendance at Finance & Audit in 2023/24 (4)

Attendance at Trust Board in 2023/24 (4)

Bernie Green (CEO) Directors  From 01/09/09 CEO and Accounting Officer of PPAT 100% 100%
Lucy Iddon Members

01/04/23 to 31/03/27

Nil 75% 75%
Peter Levey Members

01/09/20 to 31/08/24

Sole Proprietor of Whites Chartered Accountants 100% 100%

Mike Kerrigan



01/11/23 to 31/10/27

Director MNB Consulting Ltd. Spouse works at Kingfisher Primary. Daughter works at Preston CofE Primary 1000% 100%
Louise Orton Diocesan Board of Education

10/03/21 to 09/03/24

Senior Deputy Head Sherbourne Girls School. Director of Kernock Cottage Ltd 75% 75%
Sue Schaffer Members

01/05/23 to 30/04/27

Nil n/a 75%
Peter Strange Directors

10/05/23 to 09/05/27

Governor of Thorner’s C of E Primary, Litton Cheney, n/a


Directors who have stood down in the last 12 months
Paul Murley Diocesan Board of Education

07/12/20 to 06/12/24 stepped down 04/10/23

Nil n/a 80%
Diane Kirby

Directors (previously Member appointed 28/02/19 to 27/02/23)

28/02/23 to 27/02/27 stepped down 19/05/23

Nil 100% 100%


Details of members of the local governing bodies including their register of interests, can be found on the individual school websites or by following the links below.

Memorandum and articles of Association

PPAT Scheme of Delegation July 2024 - July 2025

PPAT Finance & Audit Committee Terms of Reference 2024-25

All minutes are available on request.

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